Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As of June 1, 2021, Anemone Piano Studio is currently open for virtual and in-person lessons. Students have options between fully in-person, hybrid, and fully online lessons. All students may choose the arrangement of their lessons until further notice.

Students who are taking fully in-person lessons have priority scheduling over students who are taking online lessons.

Regulations for in-person or hybrid lessons

  1. All people entering the studio must wear masks at all times.

  2. All students must wash their hands before and after each lesson.

  3. There is currently no indoor waiting room available. Outdoor waiting space is available.

  4. There will be five minute breaks between all lessons to avoid crowding.

All students taking in-person lessons are required to sign and submit an "Authorization and Release from Liability form".

I am carefully monitoring the daily new cases in Pennsylvania. If the situation worsens, further restrictions will go into effect, and it is possible that the studio will have to be closed again, either partially or entirely.