Online Piano Lessons

Anemone Piano Studio offers online private piano lessons to students of all ages worldwide. You will need high-speed internet, a tablet or laptop with Zoom (with "Original sound" enabled), and an Acoustic Piano (or at least a digital piano with weighted keys).

Our online studio setup includes multiple camera angles, including a general side view, and overhead camera to show the keyboard, and a sheet music view which allows students to look at note taking on the score.

We also have professional microphones, which enables students to hear high quality demonstrations throughout their lessons. This is combined with the "Original sound" feature on Zoom, which disables Zoom noise suppression features, removes high pass filtering, and removes automatic gain control.

Online Zoom lessons additionally have a recording feature. This will allow students to save and watch any point of their lesson throughout the week. Notes taken in the lessons will be sent to the student to utilize in their daily practice.

Visit the Anemone Piano Studio YouTube Channel. We have content including video demonstrations, and all of our recitals throughout the year. Students are invited to use the demonstrations to assist them with their practicing! 


Students taking online lessons will have various opportunities to perform in recitals, festivals, and competitions throughout the year. 

Payment for lessons can be done through Venmo or PayPal.