Online Summer Recital Information

  • Please submit only one video of the student performing up to 4 pieces. 

  • Performances must be fully memorized.

  • Please dress appropriately in the video, as this will be shared with many people!

  • Position your camera on the side of the piano, that way the viewers can see the student’s hands.

  • There is no fee for the Summer Recital.

  • Please submit the videos to Mr. Anemone through email or messages.

  • The due date for the video performance is Saturday, August 22, 2020.

  • The videos will be compiled together for our Online Summer Recital! Links to the concert will be sent to everyone, so you may share with as many people as you’d like!​

Audition Information for Piano Scholarship

  • I encourage students of all ages and skill levels to apply!

  • Auditions will be held for a second piano lesson per week, for up to four months.

  • Only up to three students will be able to receive this scholarship, which will be decided by our judge. 

  • You must use the same video from the Summer Recital as a submission. 

  • The fee for this audition will be $5.00 per student.

  • The audition video must be submitted by Saturday, August 22, 2020.

  • Students who are passionate about their studies in piano can benefit from having multiple lessons per week. They are better able to hone in on their skills and progress much more quickly!

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Maintain two lessons per week. One is still paid as your regular lesson time, and the other as your scholarship lesson. Preferably, these two lessons are spread evenly during the week (Wednesday & Sunday, Tuesday & Friday, etc.)

  • The standard scholarship lesson time is 30 minutes. However, students may be offered extended times based on their audition. 

  • You must not decrease your regular lesson time during the scholarship period.

  • Practice an appropriate amount daily, which will be guide-lined by the teacher and come to lessons prepared.

  • Cancelled scholarship lessons are not made up, unless under discretion of the teacher.

  • Students must maintain at least four regular (paid) lessons per month while under the scholarship program. 

  • The period for the scholarship is four months. After, there will be a new round of auditions. This is to give more students an opportunity. A student who previously held the scholarship may reapply to continue their scholarship.

  • If students are unable to commit to the guidelines above, the teacher has the right to end the scholarship lessons.

  • UPDATED 8/9 - Please keep in mind that the scholarship is meant to serve as an opportunity for students to excel through receiving additional lesson time beyond their teacher's recommended regular lesson time. It is not a substitution for lengthening regular lesson times.

  • UPDATED 8/9 - If a student currently has a shorter lesson time than the teacher recommends, the student will be asked to increase their regular lesson time to the teacher's recommendation before being offered the scholarship. They must maintain this regular lesson time throughout the duration of the scholarship.

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