Summer Recital Information

  • Students are invited to record their performances at the studio on our brand new semi-concert grand piano.

  • Performances must be fully memorized.

  • Please dress in performance attire.

  • There is no fee for the Summer Recital.

  • Recordings will take place during in-person lessons or by special appointment.

  • The due date for the video performances is Saturday, August 27, 2021. 

  • The videos will be compiled together for our Online Summer Recital! Links to the concert will be sent to everyone, so you may share with as many people as you’d like!​

  • The concert will premiere on our YouTube Channel, Monday, August 30, 2021 at 7:30PM!

Audition Information for Piano Scholarship

  • Students may schedule an audition to apply for a Fall Piano Scholarship.

  • The scholarship will provide students with a second piano lesson per week, for the entire fall trimester.

  • Decisions on the auditions will be determined by the teacher and/or a guest judge.

  • The audition must take place in-person at the studio. The scholarship lessons will only be held in person.

  • Students who are passionate about their studies in piano can benefit from having multiple lessons per week. They are better able to hone in on their skills and progress much more quickly!

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Maintain two lessons per week. Preferably, these two lessons are spread evenly during the week (Wednesday & Sunday, Tuesday & Friday, etc.) 

  • You must not decrease your regular lesson time before, during, or after the scholarship period.

  • Practice an appropriate amount daily, which will be outlined by the teacher, and come to lessons prepared.

  • Cancelled scholarship lessons are not made up, unless under discretion of the teacher. If you miss your regular lesson time, your scholarship lesson will instead be charged at an equal amount.

  • Students must maintain at least four or five regular lessons per month while under the scholarship program. 

  • The period for the scholarship is four months. After, there will be a new round of auditions. This is to give more students an opportunity. A student who previously held the scholarship is encouraged to reapply and continue their scholarship.

  • If students are unable to commit to the guidelines above, the teacher has the right to end the scholarship lessons.

  • A student must currently have a minimum of one hour regular lessons to be considered for the scholarship. With limited exceptions, they must have graduated from the entire Russian School of Piano Playing series before being considered.