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Performance Classes

Anemone Piano Studio will once again be holding monthly performance classes! They will be regularly held on Sundays at 10:00AM. All students are welcome to attend! Students may perform or observe only.

Performance classes are an excellent opportunity for students who have upcoming performances, want to try a new piece that they have learned, want additional feedback on their playing, or to additionally build more confidence as a performer. There is a $10.00 fee per student for the performance class. Upon signing up, I will input the $10.00 charge on MyMusicStaff. You'll see this in the following invoice. Following registering, there are no refunds! Due to the small size of the studio, parents must drop off their children and cannot accompany them in the class. 

Performance classes will be approximately one hour long, although the time may vary based on the attendance. Please temporarily use the parking lot across the street if the parking in the driveway is overflowed. Young children must be accompanied by an adult to cross the road both ways. 

Please use the registration form below to sign-up!

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