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Summer Recital Information

  • The recital will take place at Jacobs Music - Philadelphia

    • 1718 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

  • Saturday, August 19, 2023 from 4:00-6:00PM.

  • There is no performance fee since Jacobs Music provides the space for us!

  • Students must be present for the entire concert. They may not arrive late or leave early.

  • Performances must be fully memorized.

  • Please dress in performance attire.

  • The concert will be recorded and will later be posted to our YouTube Channel.

Summer Recital Registration Form

Scholarship Information and Guidelines

  • When you hear very advanced students, it is important to understand that they often take multiple lessons throughout the week, while practicing multiple hours per day, for many consecutive years! The Scholarship program at Anemone Piano Studio provides an opportunity for piano students who are passionate about their studies in piano to take their lessons more seriously. They are able to hone in on their skills and progress much more quickly!

  • To be considered, the student must be enrolled (or will enroll) in at least 75 minute regular lessons. The scholarship lesson time is determined based on the student's audition at the Summer Recital. Scholarships range from 15 to 60 minutes.

  • Preferably maintain two or three lessons per week, spread evenly (Wednesday & Sunday, Tuesday & Friday, etc.) The student can take one longer lesson per week if the schedule doesn't allow for two or three.

  • Unless separately arranged, performances in the recitals double as your audition. Mr. Anemone and Ms. Lee will adjudicate the auditions. If the student reaches a certain score, they will be offered the scholarship.

  • Students will be charged with a $10.00 adjudication fee. 

  • Practice an appropriate amount daily, which will be outlined by Mr. Anemone, and come to lessons prepared.

  • Scholarship recipients will be expected to perform in all studio performances (recitals, masterclass, at least one performance class) and perform in at least one festival, competition, or other performance outside of the studio every trimester.

  • Cancelled scholarship lessons are not made up, unless under discretion of the teacher.

  • Students must maintain at least four or five regular lessons per month while under the scholarship program. 

  • The period for the scholarship is four months. After, there will be a new round of auditions. A student who previously held the scholarship is encouraged to reapply and continue their scholarship.

  • If students are unable to commit to the guidelines above, the teacher has the right to end the scholarship lessons.

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